Virginia Spice Company, Where Taste is the Test!

Welcome to Old Mansion Foods … where old world spices meet new food technologies!

Importing the Highest Quality Spices and Seasonings

Whether it’s paprika from Spain, peppers from India, coffees from South America or cinnamon from Madagascar, Old Mansion searches the world for the highest quality spices, herbs and seasonings available and selects only those that meet our exacting specifications.

Old Mansion is a reputable Virginia spice company that has dramatically increased the size of its operations since its founding in 1877. Our institutional, foodservice and restaurant customers have come to rely on our commitment to food safety, quality assurance and competitive pricing on wholesale spices, seasonings, custom spice blends, mixes and batters. We comply with HACCP regulations and enforce strict Good Manufacturing Processes (GMPs) in everything we produce.

Visit our Spice Company

Old Mansion Foods owns several warehouses and production facilities in central Virginia, allowing us to store raw materials in close proximity to our cleaning, sterilizing, roasting and grinding operations. At our warehouses and processing plants, we receive our containers and truck shipments, package our bulk material, computer control inventory and ship out your orders. Nearby is our 137,000 square foot headquarters which includes our corporate and sales offices, laboratory, test kitchen and some production operations.

The spice industry is an agricultural business and is subject to supply and quality changes with each season. Weather conditions, political uncertainty and price instability can severely affect world supplies. Old Mansion’s highly trained Quality Control staff samples and analyzes all spices and blends with a battery of laboratory tests to ensure they conform to our exacting requirements.

Specification sheets are available on all spices, and special requirements with regard to origin, grind and microbial load parameters are easily met. Those procedures ensure our customers receive consistent quality and competitive price with every order.

Research and Development

Behind our great products is our secret ingredient – our people. Although our work environment is highly familial, as many of our employees have been with us for numerous years, our highly trained and dedicated staff consists of food scientists, food technologists and Corporate chef with years of expertise in food manufacturing.

Our research and development team can work with your recipes, creating custom products for you, or take your concept and turn it into a viable market-ready product. We have hundreds of pre-developed seasonings for your use that can be a foundation to create your unique sauces, custom spice blends or whatever food service product you are looking to produce. We can guide you through the required FDA/USDA labeling process on any product we manufacture for you and furnish nutritional analysis on each as well.

We work with the industrial, food service and retail food industries in private labeling and contract packaging as well to create a product that’s all yours – your brand, your product, your logo!

At Old Mansion Foods, we encourage you to utilize our service advantages, visit our laboratory and test kitchens where we create your custom blends, package quality spice products and package private label to your specifications. Feel free to get a quote or call us at 804-862-9889 or 800-476-1877.