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Ah… the rich smell of coffee beans or the aroma of freshly brewed coffee… this is how many people jumpstart their morning! At Old Mansion, we are as picky about our coffee and teas as we are about our custom spice blends. More than 400 organic and inorganic compounds contribute to the flavor of coffee – our team of food scientists put our coffees and teas through rigid systematic sensory evaluations.

Our prized high altitude arabica coffees originate from the lush plantations in Central and South America. Coffee from the traditional coffea arabica plant is generally regarded as superior to all others. The plant is, however, more difficult to cultivate as it is more vulnerable to disease and requires specific conditions. Coffea arabica is primarily produced in Central America, South America and Central Africa because these areas provide the altitude and warm temperatures the plant requires to thrive. The high cost of harvesting and transporting the beans is deemed worthwhile due to the sweet aromatic coffee produced.

Our trained team of cupping professionals grade representative samples for desired characteristics. Precise measuring, roasting and grinding protocols ensure an exceptional cup of coffee. Old Mansion assures the finest quality coffee in every satisfying cup.

At Old Mansion, roasting coffee is an art which has not changed over the last century. It’s smooth, full bodied flavor is roasted to perfection in 500 pound batches every 15 minutes. The batch process enables Old Mansion to “micro-roast” for smaller gourmet coffee shops or produce sustained volume for national restaurant accounts. Old Mansion roasts each customer order ensuring the freshest coffee; a quality service national brands can not offer. Old Mansion reputation for wholesale quality coffee is known at some of the finest dining establishments, country clubs and resorts in the country.

Old Mansion is pleased to offer fine coffees in a wide range of blends, grinds, roasts and packaging. We also offer specialty coffees and private label packaging. Most customers prefer the convenience of our nitrogen flushed, hermetically sealed pouches. The nitrogen replaces the oxygen environment surrounding the coffee and provides extended shelf life. Utilizing automated equipment, this metalized polyester packaging combines customer convenience with cost efficiencies. Fractional ounce weights are available from 1/2 oz to 20 oz.

Custom Teas, Wholesale Teas, Bulk Teas

Do you like tea better than coffee? No sweat! Our selection of fine teas are imported from the Far East and Latin America. Old Mansion iced tea is blended for a smooth, full bodied taste. The tea is hermetically sealed in 3 or 4 oz. packages as well as pre-filtered in one ounce packages for restaurant use. Old Mansion assures the finest quality in every satisfying sip.

At Old Mansion Foods, we’ll be happy to create your own one-of-a-kind blend of world-class coffees or teas. Signature coffee blends and tea is how Old Mansion started in the food service industry!

Other services Old Mansion can provide:

Old Mansion would love to develop a coffee or tea program that will make a favorable impression on your customer.

If you are looking to create a great coffee or tea blend, visit Old Mansion Foods today … we’ll treat you to a cup of coffee or tea like you’ve never tasted! Feel free to get a quote or call us at 804-862-9889 or 800-476-1877.